Theism in the Shieldlands

While most folk honour some gods more than others, the vast majority pray to the pantheon for different things.

For example, a farmer would pray to Talimar or Ervanerkan to make his crops grow, but pray to Nephyrean to ensure that animals would not come and eat them.

During a typical marriage in the Shieldlands, a priest will intone all the gods’ names, no matter which he serves directly:

He will call upon Jormgund to keep the couple healthy.
He will call upon the Shadow Lord to protect them from betrayal from each other or others.
He will call upon Laurahasa to protect the couple’s secrets from outsiders.
He will call upon Sargon-baal to ensure that they rule their house hold wisely and well.
He will call upon Xulfniyllanrete to give them protection from violence.
He will call upon Talimar to give them good fortune and ensure their children are born strong.
He will call upon Melakar to ensure that they may always have the truth from each other.
He will call upon Ervanerkan to give them joy for many years to come.
He will call upon Khazak to protect their works and ensure that their children will inherit them.
He will call upon Enheduanna them victory in their trials, whether physical or not.
He will call upon Vrai to ensure they always find each other beautiful and desirable
He will call upon Nephyrean to protect them from the machinations of nature and the wild.
And Lastly,
He will call upon Amon Koth to ensure that the couple’s love will remain even in death.

That should grant you the picture. That being said, a warrior is probably going to be praying to Enheduanna and Xulfniyllanrete far more than to Vrai. A prostitute, would meanwhile pray to Vrai and the Shadow Lord more than the others. What you do should define your gods, and unless you’re a cleric (and even then), your devotion doesn’t have to remain fixed on one.

Theism in the Shieldlands

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