The Gods

Amon Koth
Portfolio: Death, Fate, Endings, King of the Gods
Domains: Death, Undeath, Darkness, Travel, Fate
Spouse: Unknown
Holy Symbol: A lantern

Portfolio: Righteous Suffering, Martyrs, Healing, Caregivers, Cooperation
Domains: Family, Destiny, Protection, Healing, Community, Life
Holy Symbol: A bloody chain

The Shadow Lord
Portfolio: Shadows, Rogues, Mysteries, The Night
Domains: Trickery, Darkness, Celerity, Rune, Illusion, Pact
Symbol: A black key

Portfolio: Dark Magic, Forbidden Knowledge, Secrets, Power, Desire
Holy Symbol: A Six Sided Emerald
` Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Death, Spite, Wrath, Lust

Portfolio: Kings, Rulers, Triumph, Might
Domains: Pride, Domination, Tyranny, Pact, Nobility, Protection
Spouse: Glasya
Holy Symbol: Golden Wing

Portfolio: Slaughter, War, Destruction, Violence, Valor, Glory
Domains: War, Destruction, Competition, Strength, Fury, Courage
Holy Symbol: A serrated sword with nine eyes

Talimar Vosh
Portfolio: Civilization, Ambassadors, Life, Weather, Good or Poor Fortune, Travellers
Domains: Trade, Travel, Pact, Luck, Air, Weather
Symbol: A white flower

Portfolio: Magic, Knowledge, Soothsayers, Truth, Clarity
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Illusion, Time, Fate, Oracle
Holy Symbol: A Detached Finger

Portfolio: Dwarves, Crafters, Workers, Warriors, Guardians
Domains: Dwarf, Artifice, Creation, Rune, Purifaction, Courage
Holy Symbol: A burning anvil

Portfolio: Elves, the Sun, Light, Growing things, Happiness
Domains: Elf, Sun, Plant, Glory, Fire, Joy
Holy Symbol: A tree with a sun above it

Portfolio: Dragons, Combat, Tactics, Contest, Protection, Victory
Domain: Dragon, Mind, Strength, Competition, Light**, Protection
Holy Symbol: An extended claw

Portfolio: Beauty, Love, The Night, Passion, Secrets
Domains: Dream, Fey, Water, Purifcation, Pride, Joy
Holy Symbol: A moon above water

Portfolio: Beasts, the Hunt, Animals, Strength, Warriors
Domains: Bestial, Moon, Animal, Earth, Strength, Celerity
Holy Symbol: A beast

The Gods

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