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Magic has been heavily changed in frankenfinder.

Spell levels: There are no 7th to 9th level spells. Instead, high-level high spellcasters gain higher level spell slots, which they can use to improve their lower level spells through metamagic.

Spell Lists: All the spell lists have been amalgamated. Any spellcaster can take any spell they qualify for. If a spell appears on multiple lists, use the list with the highest spell level to determine which spell level it is for frankenfinder.

Spell Points:

There are no spells per day, instead you gain a number of points that you can spend on spells.

Spells cost 2 spell points per spell level. Spells that deal dice of damage based on your caster level deal damage a if they were cast at minimum level. You may boost the damage up to your caster level by spending 1 extra spell point per caster level boosted. So a fireball would do 5d6 for 6 spell points since its a 3rd level spell. Can be increased to 7d6 for 2 extra spell points, so the spell would cost 8 spell points when cast. It can be boosted up to 10d6. In that case the spell would cost 11 spell points.

Spell Points gained are based off of primary class.

Each level of a class that provides 9th level spell slots gains 16 spell points per level.

Each level of class that provides 6th level spell slots gains 8 spell points per level.

Each level of nonspellcaster gains 4 spell points per level IF you have at least one caster level in either you primary, secondary or tertiary classes. Spell points are gained retroactively for any levels you gained before you picked up a caster level.

Secondary and tertiary classes provide no spell points.

When you use up half your spell pool you are fatigued.

When you use up ¾ of your spell pool you are exhausted.

Bonus spell points from high ability scores are gained a rate of the appropriate ability score modifier x your caster level.

Metamagic: Metamagic is available to any spellcaster. As in all metamagic effects, with no need for feats. The metamagic feats still exist, they just simply lower the amount of spell levels the appropriate metamagic by 1.

A metamagiced spell costs a number of points equal to it’s modified level. So a maximized 5th level spell (raised by 4 levels to 9th) would cost 18 spell points.

Teleport and similar spells that make you travel long distances permanently subtract their spell point cost from your pool.

Pure Crunch

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