New Equipment

Characters have a number of gold pieces equal to half the suggested amount for their level when they begin.

Magic Items
Magic items are not readily available to be bought, they can only be found or obtained through special circumstances. Sometimes you might be able to find magic items for sail that an adventuring party raided from a ruin in the Wolfwood or stolen from someone else. This, however, is usually a campaign-specific event.

A very few people are able to craft new magic items, such as the Oracle of Khazak or the Wyrm Kings of Lekhto. Again though, getting an item made by one of these folk is usually a campaign-specific event.


Bows now automatically add one’s appropriate strength bonus to the damage. The composite quality simply doubles the cost of the bow and multiplies the range increment by 1.5

Masterwork System

Firearms changes

Special Materials

New Armor

New Weapons

New Equipment

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