Despite the extreme disdain the elves have for the “lesser” races, rare unions can occur between an elf and a member of another race. The reasons for such a union are multitude, ranging from sick curiosity on the part of the elf, to rape, and in some very, very rare cases: actual love.

In most of these cases, such a union cannot result in a birth, but some elf-human relations have been known to produce a child. Such a birth is rarely a celebrated. If the mother is elven, the birth of the half-elf child often results in disgrace to her family and the immediate execution of the infant. If born to a human, then reactions will vary depending on the half-elf’s origin community, but will often still be negative.

Physical Description: Half-elves tend to be taller and leaner than most humans, yet not quite as tall as their elven parent. Their skin, hair and eye colour tend to be dictated by their human parent, but their ears will always have a slight point to them that gives away their heritage. Their features often tend to have a refined look to them.

Society: The short answer is that half-elves do not have a society, being half-breeds. The long answer is that half-elves vary greatly depending on the human society in which they were raised, as well as whether or not they were accepted by said society and whether they chose to identify with it. The complexity of these factors tends to make half-elves incredibly varied and unique in their outlook, no matter what human culture they came from.

Relations: Half-elves live for a very, very long time. While this does not skew their worldview as much as it does to their elven counterparts, the fact is that half-elves are still half-immortal. How they react to this fact depends on the individual but seeing generation after generation of your family and friends all age and die before your unchanging eyes tends to affect the perspective of many older half-elves. As for younger half-elves, their mixed heritage tends to make them more open to different races and cultures and they often get along especially well with nonhuman and nonelven races, who are more likely to be unbiased against their parental groups. Half-elves inevitably have strong feelings toward elves, ranging from an all-consuming desire for acceptance to an extreme spite at being spit-upon and abandoned.

Adventurers: Half-elves often travel and adventure in order to find themselves. While that does seem corny, the lack of acceptance by both of their parental communities as well as their own conflicting racial instincts tends to urge them to travel. Furthermore, their immortal heritage makes them one of the toughest races around, and they are valued in many an adventuring party. It is in this adventuring sub-culture, already filled with wanderers, outcasts, misfits and the eccentric that many half-elves finally find a place where they can say they truly belong.

• +2 constitution, +2 to any other ability score: Half-elves enjoy the toughness that the immortal nature that their elven parent provides them, while also enjoying the varied nature of their human parent.
• Medium: Half-elves are medium creatures have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Timeless Body: A half-elf’s body never ages, and they do not gain penalties for aging. They still enjoy the bonuses.
• Low-light vision
• Spark of Immortality: Half-elves receive a +4 bonus on saves against ability damage, ability drain, disease, energy drain, fatigue, paralysis, sleep spells and effects, starvation and thirst. They also add +4 to their shock value and fatigue threshold. They only need half the food and water of a creature of their size and only need 4 hours of sleep per night.
• Keen Senses: Half-elves receive a +2 racial bonus on perception checks.
• Great Healing: Half-Elves heal in an hour what normal races heal in a day.
• Immortal Toughness: A half-elf receives 5 extra hit points at character creation and 2 per level after that.
• Natural DR 1/-
• Resistances: Half-elves are resistant to the elements, receiving resistance 5 to acid, cold, electricity and fire


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