Character Creation

Frankenfinder beta is similar to Vanilla Pathfinder, so if you understand that then you already understand much of frankenfinder. As such, the changes in frankenfinder are listed below. If it’s not listed below, then assume vanilla pathfinder takes precedent

All characters in frankenfinder start at level three normally. Level three represents a young adult who is either trained or fairly skilled at the basics of whatever they do. A young noble just ready to be knighted, or an acolyte who has just graduated at the mages’ sanctum would be prime candidates for level three.

Level two represents someone who has most of the basics mastered, but still lacks a few key details that would make them fully prepared for an adventuring career. A 14 year-old noble who runs away from home or an acolyte who goes off to see the world midway through his training are two examples of such.

Level 1 is usually reserved for children or the incredibly sheltered. These folk have only the absolute basics of what they need to survive the adventuring life. A single goblin can be a challenge for those at level 1.

Ability Scores
Determined either with 25 point buy or the Dice Pool Method

Whenever you would gain a bonus to an ability score for leveling, you instead gain a +1 bonus to any two scores of your choice. You may not select the same ability. score.





Prestige Classes

Character Development Points

Character Creation

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