Frankenfinder Playtest

The Siege of Riverstrom

It is the final days of the war between the elves and the rest of the Shieldlands. The mighty republic of Ostari has fallen to Artenesia, and now the elves have turned their inhuman eyes to Evalmera. Their slave armies have begun massing on the southern and western borders and terrible things have been sighted in the wilds.

That is where you come in.

You are a group of mercenaries, living your lives by the strength of your arm. For one reason or another, you found yourselves in Dagger Rock, a port town in the Archduchy of Ironwall that is a veritable smuggler’s haven.

Your funds had just about dried up when you struck lucky! A knight by the name of Sir Marcus Valerius is gathering a group of mercenaries on his ship in order to reinforce the city of Riverstrom from a suspected attack by elves. The pay he promises is quite good, and combined with a share of the plunder, you’d be sure to have a full belly and wineskin for the better part of a year.

Naturally, you accept, but when an ambush by elf slavers catches you off guard and sinks Marcus’ ship, you begin to wonder at the wisdom of taking this job after all…



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